West 8: Guangzhou Huadi sustainable masterplan



West 8′s winning entry for the ‘Guangzhou Huadi masterplan’ capitalizes on the southern chinese history of horticultural fecundity to provide the city with a restorative and sustainable trajectory. As the delta land rapidly industrialized, land use scaled back the natural ecosystem of wetlands and created a scattered and severely polluted urban landscape. The proposal aims to create a balance between continuing urban development and zoned hydrology by rescaling land use and introducing ‘ecological cleaning machines’ along the canton axis, the historical gridline between Guagzhou and Fushan cities.














The tiered system includes a primary water collector, helped by a secondary mechanism with connectors and locks and a tertiary network of canals. Specific divisions between urban areas and horticultural lands are aimed at creating a more robust structure while preserving the major existing infrastructure. a central park will be bolstered by pockets of greenery and courtyards; a riverside bicycle lane will be implemented to encourage environmentally low-impact transportation. Known as ‘flower city’ the main metropolitan park is set to host the ‘guangzhou international flora expo’, an urban fair event yielding a flower show, a large greenhouse, and and architectural village comprised of both restored historical buildings and new hospitality development. This city within a city would also alleviate the displacement of resettled inhabitants from nearby villages into ‘green open city block structures.’ the masterplan posits that the area can be a world-class place of technological horticultural development, while creating an atmosphere that respects the makeup and movement of lingnan culture, itself distinct in its painting style, food, greenery and above all, a thousand-year fondness of botanic culture.

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